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The Curious Lady's Guide to Dinner Parties

The Curious Lady's Guide to Dinner Parties


Trade with far-flung places brought many luxuries to Irish shores. Exotic foods, fine china, and sumptuous silks were all the rage. There was no better way to show your taste and standing than hosting a dinner party.


If you suddenly find yourself in 1780s Ireland and was expected to throw a dinner party, would you know what to do?  How will you dress? What food will you serve? and what on earth will you talk about?


This 60 page, full-colour A4 guide has the answers. Through gentle humour and quirky drawings you will discover where to shop, what to buy, up-to-date fashions and gossip – even the latest cures to hangovers. Each book comes with hand-inserted newspaper cuttings, letters, fabric snippets and wild flowers.

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