Peg Plunkett (Jenny Dempsey)

Peg Plunkett lived and worked in Georgian Dublin. She ran the finest brothel in town. Over the next few months, I'm going to explore Peg's life: discovering why she chose this line of business and the obstacles she overcame to become such a success. 


I want to really uncover what life was like for women in eighteenth-century Dublin, examining how they managed their lives, their constraints, their needs, their ups and their downs. I intend to create three artistic works based on the results of my discoveries.


I’m also going to document my findings as I go. Peg loved a bit of self-promotion - in fact she was both clever and cheeky: on one occasion she attended a masquerade ball dressed as the Goddess of Chastity. I can be rather shy at times and I’m hoping that some of her spirit and courage will rub off on me as I promote this project. If you'd like to follow my progress please subscribe below and if you can’t wait to hear about the indomitable Peg you may be interested in this RTE Lyric FM programme


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