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N O R A' S   S T O R Y

In 1903, in West Cork a 16 year-old girl started work as a housemaid in the local big house. She was young, timid and naive. Three years later, she left for America, where she married, had children and grandchildren and in her later years, she wrote about her time in Bantry House. On a visit to Ireland, her grandchildren presented the current owner with Nora's typewritten words.  Working together, we turned. Nora's story into a charming piece of Irish social history.

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E L L E N 'S   S T O R Y

In the early nineteenth century, in West Cork, a young woman discovered botany. Tramping about mountains, slipping on seaweedy-shores and exploring the local forests, Ellen Hutchins discovered previously unknown plants. She sent samples to other botanists and made meticulous drawings to capture their details. Her talents as both botanist and artist were admired. At age 29 she died. And her story was forgotten. Years later, her great-grandniece, Madeline Hutchins rediscovered her letters. Since then, more letters, and illustrations have emerged. Ellen's artistic talents and her contribution to science are now being recognised. This book celebrates her life. 


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C A S S A N D R A 'S   S T O R Y

Written by a 12-year old Jane Austen, The Beautifull Cassandra, is a day in the life of a young girl, who, inspired by a phoenix-styled bonnet, meanders about engaging in gluttony, robbery and violence. This charming miniature novel uses the language of flowers to illustrate Cassandra’s adventures and inner discovery of self-empowerment.


A few pages are shown below.

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