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Nano Nagle Place, Museum in a Box,  2017

Discovering stories ourself is extremely satisfying.

In 2015, Nano Nagle Place, Cork offered me a scholarship to study narratology and material culture in Crawford/CIT.

One of the items I produced was a Museum in a Box. The box contained fifteen objects which, when examined, revealed fifteen stories about women living in Cork during the late eighteenth century. The box was aimed as school students.

A series of clues in the form of facsimile newspaper cuttings and letters were provided.

second letter to roger.jpg
newspaper on transparent.png
crime 1 explanation.png
instruction card 1.jpg





An example of the items produced to communicate one of the stories. This tale is about a woman and her lover who wished to poison her husband. She wrote a note to the lover asking him to buy more poison. The lover was illiterate and asked somone to read him the letter. A policeman was standing nearby and overheard the plan. The couple were sentenced to time in the pillory.


1   Introductory card explaining how to use the objects and clues.            3  Facsimile of the newspaper reports of at the crime


2  Card illustrating the event and giving further details of the story           4  Fabricated version of the letter I created           


Further objects and clues

entertainment 1 explanation.jpg

Further illustrated story detail cards

safety 3 explanation.jpg
hygiene 1 explanation.jpg
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